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Which trainers?

Date Posted: 03 December 2015

There is vast selection of trainers to pick from and knowing which ones to pick can be a difficult task. 

Some top tips when buying new trainers

1. Comfort - sounds obvious but it surprises me how many people say- but they were a bargain! Or I liked the colour!! Make sure you try on multiple pairs in different brands so you have a comparison. Have a walk about in them and even better have a run. Some shops now have treadmill to use. 

2. Fit for purpose - the appropriate trainers for the activity. For example If you run  off-road /trial routes then pick trial shoes which provide more grip.

3. Go to a specialist running shop who have knowledge on the different types of trainers. There are three main types of trainers

Neutral/ cushioning

Stability/support or structured

Motion control.

Depending on your foot type can depend on what type will suit your foot.

4. Fit correctly - to give you a guide put the trainer on and tap your heel to the back of the trainer. Make sure you stand up and your looking for half a thumb width at the from the the toe box. Sizes will come up differently in each different brand so don t just presume your a 6 in one so you must be a 6 in another. Also if you use orthoses already make sure you take them with you to try on with the trainers.

5. If you find a trainer that fits well and is comfy able and your not having an issues try and replace it with the same trainers where possible. What is the saying if it is'nt broken don't fix it!!

6. Just be aware trainers need to be replaced approx every 500/600 miles. Wearing old worn out trainers can leave you at a higher risk of injury. 

Hope some of these tips have helped. Please contact Foot Clinic Wales today if you need any further help or if you are having any aches pains or general foot pains.

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