About Us

How can I book an appointment?
Just give Foot Clinic Wales a call on 07515636531 and we can discuss your clinical needs. We have a variety of locations across South Wales including Cardiff, Bridgend, Llantrisant and Cowbridge. We now also have a Podiatry Clinic in Bristol Bupa. We can discuss the most suitable solution for your requirements.

How long will the podiatry appointment last?
General/routine podiatry will last from 15-30mins
Biomechanical assessment from 30-60mins

What do I need to bring to the appointment?
For biomechanical appointments you will be need to bring shorts or loose fitting trousers that you can roll up. The podiatrist will need to see at least from the knee down. It would also be a good idea to bring a selection of your footwear including day to day shoes and sports shoes.

Chiropody appointment - just your feet! 

When is payment taken?
Payment is taken on the day of your appointment and the cost will vary depending on treatment. Payment will also be taken for Orthoses in order for the manufacturing to begin.

Do you accept insurance payment?
Yes we do. Some of the companies that we work with are bupa, simply health, pru health and WPA. Please make sure you have contacted your insurance company before your appointment to check what podiatry charges they accept. Please also bring your policy number and authorisation code to your appointment or full payment will have to be made and you will have to claim back from your insurance company.

What is your cancellation policy?
Please give 24 hours notice otherwise a £20 charge will be incurred.

What type of foot and lower limb conditions do you treat ?
Foot Clinic Wales treat a wide variety of foot conditions and a few are listed below:
Plantar fasciitis
Heel pain
Achilles tendonapthy
Tibialis posterior
Tibialis anterior
Shin pain
Shin splint
Stress reaction
So good schlatters
Knee pain
Patellar femoral pain
Hip pain
Overuse of muscles 
Tendon / ligament pain

How do I know if I need an insole or Orthoses?
If you are experiencing foot discomfort the origin may be Biomechanical in nature and in some cases an insole or Orthoses can help.

What's the difference between Orthoses and arch supports?
An arch support is generally something that is generic and can be bought of the shell. It is designed to push up against the arch while standing and is not designed for static or dynamic motion. Arch support have not Biomechanical correct and sometimes just makes the foot uncomfortable.

Orthoses are used to correct the foot mechanics and are individual prescribed for each patient requirements. These cannot be bought of the shelf.

Do you treat Verrucae?
Verrucae are a virus and there are many different strains. They can be difficult to treat as what works for one person may not work for another. There are a variety of options for Verrucae treatment that can be performed through a routine podiatry treatment. Please call for more details

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An experienced and fully qualified team of Podiatrists and chiropodists, you can count on us to get your feet back to full health. For further information on our foot and ankle clinic call 07515 636531 or get in touch by email or by using the website contact form.