Podiatry (Chiropody) Service

Routine assessment and treatment for the majority of general foot conditions such as hard skin and corns.

Common problems
Hard, cracked callused skin
Fungal nail infections
Ingrowing Toenails
Athletes foot 

What foot conditions are typically treated in a Routine Podiatry Treatment?
Corns, callus, dry, hard and cracked skin on all areas of the foot.
Painful, thick, yellow, in-growing and fungal infected toenails.
Foot infections such as athletes foot, fungal infections verrucae and warts.
All foot problems associated with diabetes.
Simple foot and postural pains.
Biomechanical assessment can cover lower back, hip, knee, ankle, shin and heel pain and if this is the case click on the Biomechanical link 

Think off the treatment as a MOT but just to your feet. Treatments includes cutting nails or reducing thickened nails. Hard skin or callus will be reduced or removed. All corns will removed.

Any heel callus or cracks reduced/removed. Q and A covered and any further advice will be provided.

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