Gait Assessment

Gait assessment

Many injuries and conditions that are encountered occur as a consequence of an inherent abnormality in walking and it is only after diagnosing such deviations in normal "gait" that a treatment plan can be created.

Many practitioners simply assess a patient statically but many conditions are caused by the way an individual walks and runs. It is therefore essential that a comprehensive assessment is performed to analyse the movements and forces that may be causing abnormal tissue stress, injury or pain.


During the gait the foot must be able to absorb shock, adapt to uneven terrain and toe off and generally if these functions can take place the individual is at very low risk of injuries or pain. At the foot clinic wales during your gait assessment each individuals needs and requirements are considered along with a full static and dynamic assessment. We also have access to the pressure plate systems that can measure the different pressures within the feet and help diagnosis any abnormalities within gait function. Please don t hestatite to contact us for further information. 


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