Sports Injuries

At some point playing or participating in sport can lead to some level of pain or discomfort. At these times we try to think why the pain is happening and try to manage this.

Some common problems during sport to the lower limb can be:
Foot Ache and pain
Hip Pain / Back pain
Shin pain/ shin splints
Knee pain
Calf Pain
Ball of foot Pain 
Heel Pain
Muscle overuse
Ligament damage
Stress reaction/response

Biomechanical foot problems
Many of us will suffer from a biomechanical issue at some point in our lives. As we walk or run our bodies function in varying amounts of efficiency. When our feet and joints in our ankles and legs are functioning less efficient it can lead to us getting symptoms which can be re-occurring and stop us preforming at our best or even stop us completely.

How Foot Clinic Wales can help you?
We are specialists in Biomechanical assessment
We are specialists in prescription of orthotics and functional insoles
Regularly treating runners and athletes
Many years Experience in biomechanics?
Working closely with local South Wales sports and running clubs

A full foot Clinic Wales biomechanical examination involves taking a series of measurements of the feet and legs with you standing and lying down and may include checking joint movements and assessing muscle strength and flexibility. It will often include watching you walk to assess the way in which your foot works. In most cases we may combine the use of video gait analysis and or pressure plate analysis depending on your presenting conditions/problems.

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